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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


And so, Silas still has a fever. He is on antibiotics for his last fever and then after he had immunizations last week, he's had a low grade fever since then: 100.6-100.9 area. And this morning he is really limping and not putting weight on his right foot. This poor kid can't catch a break, now, can he? I am taking him in today to see what's going on. He needs to be bacteria free so he can have his surgery in a couple of weeks. Your prayers are appreciated to make that happen.

Yesterday was day one of golf camp for Anna. She shows up and there are parents present for everyone else in the camp except her. She becomes upset because she assumes it's a parent/child camp (which it isn't), cries, and when asked if she wanted to call her mama, she said, "No, she will just make me stick it out." Her daddy is called in, who calls me and after a phone conversation between me and Anna, Anna stayed and even had a good time. She was even excited to go back today! 

It's already in the 90s here in FL, so we are taking advantage of our pool. I am very sad to be leaving this house and our pool in August. I have looked for houses with pools in OH, but they aren't common at all. Silas is becoming a little bit better with regards to swimming. He mainly stays on the stairs and when I hold him he is extremely clingy. He will probably love it by the time we leave, as that is how things go. :)



Anna and Daddy

Calvin and Daddy

(Silas was taking a nap)

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Carina said...

Poor Silas. He is in our prayers.

Glad Anna acclimated to the idea of golf camp :) What a fun activity!

Also, I am jealous of your having a pool. I wish I at least had access to one I didn't have to pay for. At least we have a family vacation in July during which we will be at a resort, so we'll have pool access there. Take advantage while you can!