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Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday I sang BECAUSE HE LIVES with Vanessa at church. It is simply a pleasure singing with someone so talented. It was our last duet here in FL and I will miss that. I helped Tyler teach his primary class (4 turning 5 year olds) yesterday. Tyler said it had never gone as well as when I was there. He said something about me cracking the whip...I do believe in behaving well at church and the children responded fairly well once they knew what I expected from them. They like boundaries. 

Today was one of the best days that we've had since Calvin and Silas joined our family. I prayed for help to be a good parent this morning and it has been awesome. Not only have I been productive, but I have been more patient and loving and attentive to my fabulous five. 

We leave in 6 weeks. You read that right - SIX! I am excited to move back to glorious Ohio, but I am going to miss Florida, especially the wonderful people we know here. :*(

Do you ever look through your camera and see all those videos and pictures that you haven't uploaded yet? Yeah, me neither...I mean, I wish. Here is a collection of all kinds of events within the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Anna had her last Activity Days before the summer. I thought it was a dressy occasion, so she and I dressed up...but Anna was the only girl who did... :P

The spread

The leaders are Marjorie Chilan, Maria Marriott, and Wendy Watson.

Anna is a STAR! (we already knew it)

Guess whose face you can't see?!

FHE activity. The lesson was on Christ being the shepherd and we are his sheep. The activity was making sheep from large marshmallows and pretzel sticks. The kids LOVED it!

I have been doing Choffy EXPOs and I am loving them! I get to meet a lot of people (sans children) and share Choffy samples. I love seeing so many people excited about Choffy. For more information, click on the Choffy tab at the top or click here

Sariah met me at the EXPO and we hung out that evening at Chili's. I have known Sariah since high school and now she's a lawyer for NASA. Pretty cool, right? She IS cool. :)

A surprise bouquet from my husband. Aren't they lovely?

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