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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home from surgery

On Monday the doctor came in the room and said that Silas qualified to be discharged. I was surprised, as he was still in a lot of pain. My family was expecting me home the next day, so I decided to drive home and surprise them! Here is Silas on Monday while in the hospital.

Silas has been doing quite well since we came home. He does not look like a boy who just had surgery. He tires out easier, which is to be expected, but he runs and plays just like he did pre-surgery. He is still on a diuretic and tylenol for pain. The kids have been very gentle with him. I have been very tired since I've been home. Perhaps it is all the emotional exhaustion from watching Silas go through and recover from open heart surgery. It certainly takes a toll on you! 

On Tuesday the bowling alley on base reopened after reconstruction and there was free bowling and free food, so we all went. 

Silas' first time bowling - loved it.

Iryna posing. 

Calvin's first time bowling - also loved it.

Grammy (Tyler's mom) and Anna. I think they look a LOT alike.

Pa-Pa (Tyler's dad) with Calvin and Keith.

Mama with Silas and Iryna.

Last night I met with Jason Vanderhoven, a co-owner of Choffy. Tyler came along and we had a great time learning more about Choffy and the company. Here is a picture of other distributors plus Jason (center back). We had a great time! If you want to learn more about Choffy or to place an order, go to and if you want a free sample, comment here or email me at 

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Mary said...

Yay! Glad to hear that Silas is home safe and sound. That's amazing that he's already up and running around!