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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recovery Day 3

Today has been the best day yet. Silas ate some of his breakfast. I got to hold him for 2 hours in the morning. He actually cried a lot when they moved him from the bed to me. The nurse said that was because he hadn't been moved all night. Poor baby. After the two hours, they moved him back to the bed and a cardiologist came in to remove the chest tube. This was not pleasant whatsoever. However, Silas is more comfortable moving around now. I ordered him some lunch, which he ate most of and it included a cookie!

Silas eating his cookie.

Getting ready to take a walk.

"Okay, Mama, take the picture."

Big smile during our walk around the unit. Nurses were coming out and commenting on how adorable Silas is. Silas did a great job walking. He is doing great!

One of the night nurses drew this on Silas' door. So cute.

Staying at the Ronald McDonald House has been so nice. This hamburger was SO delicious. Yum.

We tried to have Silas walk again, but he whined and cried and motioned for me to pick him up. He got a suppository just before I left his room for the night. He hasn't had a BM since the surgery. He ate a little dinner and we skyped with our family back home. Silas asked to talk on the phone with his daddy and his face just lit up when he heard his voice. So cute. Tonight was the first time that Silas understood that I was leaving his room and he reached out for me to take him with me. Broke. My. Heart. Being a mama can be so tough. :*(


Leisha LeAnn said...

I am so happy to see he is making improvement. I can't imagine having to leave him every night! You are strong and God has your family in His palm carrying you through this. The nurses are right....Silas is adorable!

kari said...

Ai Ai ai. This is a challenge, Jill! But the progress is heartening, and we are encouraged with each post you send. I'm so glad he loves and relies on you so well--this surgery obviously is facilitating the bonding in a major way! So happy for you guys. We will continue to keep Silas in our prayers. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

It is AMAZING that he is up and walking with a big smile three days after having open heart surgery. I know that I wouldn't be so brave! Go Silas - I hope you continue to feel better every day! :)

Carina said...

Oh, goodness, I just got caught up on your blog--what a roller-coaster! So glad that Silas seems to be improving. I pray that this surgery will improve his life tremendously and that he gets to a point where he is happy again all the time :) So glad you're able to be there with him. Love ya, mama.