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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Iryna's birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated Iryna's 8th birthday! Her birthday isn't until later this week, but I am leaving town today and wanted to celebrate with her beforehand.

Calvin and Daddy

Birthday girl!


The Balloon Fairy came!

Iryna and Calvin have a love/hate relationship...

Silas baby!

Traditional birthday strawberry crepes. Tyler's parents are here in town, so they joined in with the festivities. :)

Opening presents at Texas Roadhouse.

Iryna LOVES Curious George. I think they are quite similar.

Kung-Fu Panda 2


Dolphin Tale from her teacher, Ms Peggy.

Iryna was mesmerized by the staff singing Happy Birthday to her. She also loved the birthday cake!

The whole gang!

I made my fabulous Choffy Chocolate Cupcakes for Iryna's birthday. For the recipe, click here

Happy Birthday Iryna! We surely do love you! Iryna is into Curious George, Blue's Clues, Chipmunks, Dolphins. She loves cherry tomatoes, cheese nips, strawberries, and roasted broccoli. She likes to play wii by herself, puzzles, coloring, and playing with her family. She is very sensitive to others and often pats you on the head telling you that "you good, mama" or "you good, daddy." She has also been improving her daily prayers, thinking of pertinent things to say. We are very impressed with her prayers. If she is wanting something to happen, she will say "grateful not to hit Calvin anymore" (please help me not hit Calvin anymore" or "grateful to not be scared of the thunder," etc. I love Iryna's snuggles. She has a chore to clear the table after every meal and fill up Maggie's water and food bowl. She is diligent in completing her tasks. She is a wonderful little girl that we love so much. :)

Today I am taking off with little Silas for his surgery in Tampa. We are having a fast on Thursday to pray for Silas to do well with his heart surgery. We welcome any and all to join with us in the fast. Prayers are also appreciated. 

Iryna wanted me to take some pictures of her. :)

Playing memory with Anna, Calvin, Pa-Pa, and Daddy

Pa-Pa and Silas.

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