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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

We had a great day yesterday celebrating our nation's birthday. It was Calvin and Silas' first time in their new country. We had the Cook family over (they have four adopted SN children from Hawaii) and we spent the day swimming, playing wii, eating, playing games, and talking. It was wonderful. Being away from our own families (they are also Air Force) it is nice to get together with friends that feel like family. 

Silas' first corn on the cob.

Swimming time!





Iryna, Anna, Angelica, Calvin, Keith, Rebekah, Connie.


This is from Tuesday taking Silas in to the clinic, as he had a fever.

Fruit pizza! So delicious.

Tyler and Calvin just arrived at the Ronald McDonald House in St Petersburg, FL. Tomorrow morning Calvin will have an echo cardiogram. He will stay overnight in the hospital and come home on Saturday. The doctors are wanting to see if Calvin qualifies for the Fontan procedure. We are hopeful that Calvin will be able to tolerate this procedure, as that would delay or possibly prevent altogether a heart transplant in the future. If the echo shows that Calvin could not have the Fontan, then we will put him on a heart transplant list. It is not likely that he will find a heart, being so young. Please pray with us that the Fontan will be possible for Calvin. Thank you.

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