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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Special Day

My friend, Sarah, who I've known since childhood, was sealed in the Orlando Temple yesterday. I could not be happier for Sarah and Rodolfo and their daughter, Barbie, and little Lucy who is due anytime. :)

The Turrini and Pierce families

Sarah & I

Rodolfo, Sarah, Jill, Tyler

Silas, Anna, Iryna, Calvin, Keith

We brought all the kids up to Orlando with us. Barbie helped to babysit them during the sealing. As soon as we approached the temple, Keith pointed to the top and said, "Moroni!" I had no idea he knew who that was, much less could identify him. It's amazing the things that Keith says from time to time. Whenever we were leaving, Tyler asked the kids why we come to the temple. Calvin said, "To take pictures!" ha ha. So funny. It was a wonderful experience to see Sarah and Rolfi sealed. Tyler had the honor of being one of the witnesses.  I loved seeing Sarah have the experience that she has wanted for so many years. I am grateful that she and Rodolfo found each other and that they have an eternal family now. 

Before the Turrini's were sealed, an elderly man, a recent convert, had his parents sealed and then he and his sister were sealed the their parents, and finally he was sealed to his deceased wife. I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly. I am grateful for the Temples and for the blessings we can receive in them. I am grateful for my sealing to Tyler, just 11 short years ago. He is my dear companion and I am thankful that we can spend eternity together.

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