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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time to move

Tyler needs to be in OH the third week in August. We had thought to drive out together but that would put us there after school begins, which we don't want to do. So I am planning to leave early in August and drive through OK on a roundabout way to OH. It will be nice to introduce Calvin and Silas to family there. And yet, it will be a LONG trip with me being the only driver and having 5 children without any help. Alas, it seems like the right thing to do and so we are doing it.

We've been having problems with our renters in OH. You see, it's a problem when they don't pay their rent. And so we are in the limbo stage of them promising to pay, they don't pay, we contact them and say we're calling the lawyer to begin the eviction process, they pay part of it but they're still behind, we decide to wait a few more days...etc. It's frustrating, because we thought if they didn't pay that we would move back into our old house there in OH, but now they are catching up and if they are planning to pay then we will find another location to live in (possibly buy again?!) but right now we just don't know so we have to wait and see what the renter does. We should know more by Monday if they will be staying in the house or if we will begin the process of eviction. Whether or not we evict them, we will be in OH and not be able to move into the house until September or October. If the renter catches up on rent payments, then we will most likely pursue buying a house which takes time and we would not want to rush into anything. It's certainly a buyers market and we should be able to score a nice deal on a house there, if that is what God wants us to do. So far all of our prayers have resulted in this answer: just wait. So...we're waiting. 

The kids are doing well. We're in a routine for the most part, breakfast, then Netflix shows, snack, playtime, lunch, Silas naps while the rest of swim, then movie with popcorn, play, dinner, bedtime routine, etc. It works. I am making Chicken Satay for dinner tonight. It smells wonderful. If it's good then I will post my recipe on my cooking blog. Did you know that I had one? I love to cook. And, I have almost reached 2 weeks without drinking my beloved Dr Pepper 10. I am proud of myself! I owe it to Choffy for kicking my soda addiction. I have been mailing out several samples each week. Would you like one, too?

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