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Monday, September 24, 2012

It's the truth

Tonight we had family home evening (FHE) on the topic of telling a lie and telling the truth. We have been having some issues with lying in our house and we are hoping this lesson will help with that. In fact, we have been using discipline in situations where the children lie instead of for what they did wrong. Example: Keith pushes Calvin down the stairs. I ask Keith if he pushed Calvin down the stairs. Keith says no. Keith goes to time out. I hope this will help teach the children that it's no okay to tell us lies.

I had a Choffy tasting this morning. It went really well. I am eager to share Choffy with the whole state of OH, as I am the only distributor (thus far) in the state.

The spread

Choffy for sale

My friend, Stephanie, is doing a fundraiser to help bring Maxim (an 8 year old boy with Down Syndrome) home. She has many items on auction, including a bag of Choffy that I donated. Check it out:

Sweet Maxim

I have become good friends with my neighbor across the street, Christy. She and her husband are active duty AF and they have one small boy, Tyler, and are expecting. It turns out that she knows Matt C, a mutual friend that we met in FL. Small world. It's nice to have a friend so closeby that can bring me some dishwashing tablets when I run out and have some ordered.

I have a calling: I am the RS chorister. Yesterday was my first time leading the music. I was leading the closing song when priesthood let out. Tyler and a couple of other men were waiting outside the RS door during the closing song. The two men were commenting on the exceptional quality of the new female voice. Tyler proudly proclaimed: That's my wife! :)

Calvin's pediatric cardiologist called me today. He said that it is likely that Calvin can go into surgery as early as 4 weeks from now. Calvin needs to have an echo down in Cincinnati prior to scheduling the surgery, so I need to call and set that up. Calvin (and I) will be in the hospital up to 3 weeks. It will be a juggling act for Tyler, but we hope to get things in order so it will be as smooth as possible. I feel as though Calvin should have this surgery as early as possible, despite being told he could wait up to 9 months. This semester will be the easiest one for Tyler at AFIT, so I want to do it now. I will keep you updated.

Silas and I are spending more time together now that he is home during the day. I like how he is becoming more attached to me. When he hurts himself, and daddy is home, he will still ask for mama. Attachment is slow, but it's nice to see baby steps in the right direction. Here's a picture of my little pumpkin:

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Alabama Apples said...

Silas is such a cute little doll! I've never tasted Choffy, but it sounds like a delish indulgence. Good luck with all the medical issues you and your fam are going through. I am so thankful we have medical technology to help with things we need. We sure have a loving Heavenly Father.