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Friday, September 21, 2012

The House

Many of you have wanted to see our new house, so here are some pictures.

The guest bathroom in the basement. I bought one of those curvy shower curtain rods that give you more room in the shower, just like the hotels have. It's the little things like that that get me excited about a room.

A video of my three sons playing this morning.

The younger four kids playing in their HUGE playroom!

Another view of the playroom.

Food storage in the guest bedroom.

Guest bedroom. Why, yes, I made that quilt. :)

Boy's bedroom
So far we have two blue car beds, on the lookout for a third.

Kid's bathroom upstairs
Iryna's bedroom. It's no joke that she needs a white padded room, or at the very least, a room with only her bed in it. And her sound machine on the floor.

My closet! It's huge and Tyler has one of his own, too!

The other side of my closet. I have never had so much space. I love it.

Master bathroom.

A huge sliding door closet in the bathroom with lots of storage.

I finally own a house with a big bathtub. I cannot wait to try it out. One very cool thing about this house is that almost all of the windows have built-in blinds in between the window glass. Very convenient.

Since the master bedroom was so huge (huge, I tell you!) and the house didn't include a room for an office, we put it in half of our master bedroom. 

The bedroom part of the bedroom.

Front of the house.

Tyler loves Japanese maple trees and we have a huge one in the front yard.

Part of the kitchen.

Look from the kitchen into the den. I wasn't sure what to think of all the blue - blue countertops, blue painted walls, but now I love it. It works beautifully with the patriotic theme.

Kitchen! I love all the counter space and the barstools.

Den. The owners left this tv in the house, which worked out well since Iryna busted our flat screen days before we left FL. :P


Why, yes, I made this quilt, too!

There are THREE large closets in the hallway by the front door. This one is dedicated to Choffy supplies. Awesome. :)

Living room.

Living room.

Formal dining room. I've never had one of these and I love the table we bought off of Craigslist. 

It's only natural that we have a Florida room since we just moved FROM Florida. ;)

Backyard with Anna.

View of the back of the house.

The pool! We love the pool. It has a light underneath the water that changes colors. So neat. The only downside is there really isn't a backyard other than the pool, but that is why having a fully finished basement was necessary!

What do you think of our new house??

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Paulette, Jvona & Rachel said...

It's perfect! Lots of room for your growing family, and a pool too! Congrats on such a great find.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Beautiful house. I'm so jealous of your closets!!

shannon said...

Wow! So gorgeous! What area are you in?

Carina said...

That is an absolutely beautiful home! You do a great job of decorating, too. Hope you and your family loves making that house their home :)

Melissa said...

Gosh I love it and all that space! So very happy for you!

Dirk and Trish said...

So fun! Great to have so much space, and closets!!! Must have been designed by a woman. ;)
The quilts are amazing! That's on my very long to do list.

Alabama Apples said...

How fun! It is spacious and perfect for your family...I might say I'm slightly jealous of all your space! ;) Hooray for things that meet our needs!