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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Jill, The HERO

This past weekend was General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every 6 months we have 6 sessions where we are taught and uplifted by our Prophet, Thomas S Monson, the 12 apostles, and other general authorities. It was a marvelous conference (what I have seen thus far) and I cannot wait to finish listening to all the talks when I get breaks during the day and evening. Here is a talk I especially enjoyed:

If you would like to watch more talks, go to If you would like to learn more about my faith, go to My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ empowers me to do all things and to continue being the warrior that I am.

I read an "ALL ABOUT ME" pamphlet that Anna filled out at school. I was surprised to see that Anna had chosen me as her hero. Note the picture of me - she even colored me wearing an orange outfit. I love it! She wrote:

"My hero is my mom. She sings, cooks, cleans, and is very loving. She knows how to make us happy by loving us, buys us toys, movies, and amazing music. My mom always knows how to make it through the day even though she takes care of me my sister Iryna and my brothers, Keith, Calvin, and Silas. My mom is special and I love her so much."

What a sweet thing to write. It has since occurred to me, more than ever, that I am setting an example for my children. I can be a good example or a bad one - but it's all up to me. I am grateful for Anna's love and support and for the opportunity to be her mother and the mother for the younger four kids. What an awesome responsibility. I am so blessed.

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Carina said...

That is so sweet...made me tear up! I've been so bad about keeping up on your blog lately, and now I'm remembering why I used to never miss it. You're just so open and honest, and I love hearing about your sweet kiddos! You really are a wonderful mama and it makes me happy that your kids know that. Love you!