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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

You're welcome

Lately I have noticed that when I give Silas something that instead of saying "Thank you" that he will say "You're welcome". It occurred to me that he thought I was correcting him when he said "Thank you" and then I would say "You're welcome," and that I wanted him to say "You're welcome," instead. So now he just says, "You're welcome". Very cute.

Another Silas moment is that regularly I will encourage him to go downstairs in the basement to play - it's the playroom where all the toys are. He will usually go but comes right back up. Yesterday I realized that he wanted to be where I was, so I went downstairs with him and he never went up the stairs. It's true - he just wants to be with his mama! Now, if only that didn't include restroom breaks. :P

Yesterday I couldn't believe Calvin. After school, I give the kids a snack. Yesterday, I gave out pretzels. Everyone had a pretty good sized serving of pretzels. Then Keith complained to me that Calvin took one of his pretzels. Incredulous (since he still had a lot of pretzels sitting in front of him) I asked Calvin if he did, indeed, take one of Keith's pretzels. Calvin said yes. I had Calvin go stand at the wall for time out. He burst into tears and wouldn't stop crying, so I had him go up to his bed to lay down so he could calm down. (I don't mind if the kids want to cry and whine, but not where I am currently located) The tears and weeping and wailing only escalated as he ascended up the stairs. After he finished working it all out, I had him come downstairs and apologize to Keith. All this over a pretzel?! Sheesh!

Anna has had acne for about 4 years now, which I think is pretty young as she is almost 11 years old. She has it all over her face and on the back of her neck. Any suggestions? I am worried that she will have scarred skin because of it.


Katie said...

Is it truly acne? Or is it those little bumps like a lot of people get on their arms? A couple of my kids get those bumps on their cheeks, too.

If it is acne, I would definitely take her to a doctor. For a 7-11 year old to be breaking out sounds like an issue with messed up hormones to me. And if that is the case, scarred skin would be much less of a concern to me than other things. Has she shown any other signs of puberty during that time? I'm no doctor, and I'm usually really laid back about taking my kids to the doctor, but that is something I wouldn't mess around with. It may be nothing, but I'd want to know for sure.

Courtney said...

Is she using anything on her skin? Extra-dry skin can lead to acne due to the skin overproducing oil (trying to compensate). Ironically enough, even if her skin seems oily she may need more moisturizers to help her skin settle down.

MariaG said...

Another perspective on Calvin ... he DID tell the truth and that is VERY good! Parenting isn't easy!!!
MariaG (Canada)

Rebecca said...

I've been debating responding to the acne thing. I had awful acne as a teen and well into my adult years. I started using Young Living products about 10 years ago. They have a facial skin care line called ART and it is pretty simple- a cleanser, a daily moisturizer and an evening moisturizer. They are pricy, but should last 3-4 months. They also have a wolfberry juice called NingXia Red. It is also a little pricy. I didn't use either of these things for a long time even though I used a lot of their other stuff. My parents started using them and then left for a mission. When I saw my mom again, I was amazed at her fantastic skin. (I got my bad skin and acne from both parents!) I asked what foundation she was using that made her skin look so good. She told me she wasn't wearing any! I started using the ART products then. I also noticed that my dad- a Marine and absolute leatherneck- also had much improved skin. I asked about it and he told me he wasn't using the skincare stuff, just drinking the juice, 1-2 oz a day. So I started that too.

I used to have blotchy brown patches that got worse with each kid- the "mask of pregnancy". It is gone. The adult acne- gone. Acne scars on my face- mostly gone. The scar on my forehead from getting stitches when I was 3- now gone. My gigantic pores are now normal sized pores.

So that's my story. I love my products, but again, they are pricy- $115 for the skincare and $30 a bottle (should last about a month) for the juice. And you would really need to give it 6 months at least to see a difference. So I don't know if it would be worth it to you to commit to trying something that expensive for that long, but I could actually send you an ART kit for free if you wanted to check it you. I have enough rewards points with the company I can get one for free for you. If you are interested, email me and give me your address. I'll send it out.

This is not a sales pitch at all. Like I said, I debated saying anything. But if it could help her, I wanted to at least let you know what was helpful for me.

Anonymous said...

What kind of personal care (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, etc) products is she using? Sometimes particular oils or chemicals can cause breakouts in certain individuals but not in others. If she has been using the same products or brands you might want to consider switching them out to see if improves things for her.