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Monday, November 05, 2012


Calvin loves chicken. And he pronounces it more like "schicken". He also refers to many birds as schicken. For example, Tyler was playing wii bowling with Anna and Calvin. When Tyler scored a turkey (3 strikes in a row) Calvin exclaimed: Daddy! You got a schicken! So cute.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Silas' birthday. He is excited, but (once again) Calvin is quite jealous. He has been wanting a birthday since we adopted him, but he has had to endure everyone else's birthday (except for Tyler's) before his will come in January. Part of me thinks it is good he needs to wait and help celebrate birthdays of everyone else...but then, another part of me thinks that is rude to think that way. After all, he hasn't had a birthday party of his own his whole life. I need to be kinder on this topic.

We are gearing up for Calvin's surgery which is this coming Friday. Your prayers and thoughts are appreciated. I will be with him in the hospital for up to 3 weeks, however, they think we will *most likely* be home before Thanksgiving, which would be one day shy of 2 weeks. We shall see. I am not holding my breath. I am, however, scrambling to get everything ready for things to run as smoothly as possible in my absence. My stepmother, Suzanne, is driving out to help for 10 days which is most appreciated. I still have not heard back from the Ronald McDonald House. We are making arrangements for me to hopefully stay with a family in Cincinnati during my time there. I pray that God will put me where I can do the most good and be the least burden to others.

My diet is going well. I love the app that I am using. It's most helpful. There are times when I am hungry (tonight included) but I am striving to make those changes which will bring me success. I am not going for a drastic and fast weight loss, about 1 pound a week is what I want. I am also trying to pay attention to when I want to eat more. Today was a good example. I had a Choffy tasting at a friend's house and then went to two other houses and sold several bags of Choffy total. I was very excited and thought - how can I reward myself? The only thing I could think of was food-related. It made me think that I equated rewards with food. So, the next move should be to find non-food rewards that I would enjoy. Any suggestions for non-food rewards that you like?


Anonymous said...

Non-food rewards that I like:

Getting a moment by myself to listen to music, read a good book or go for a walk without little ones being with me. Or to make a phone call to a friend without children around.

Buying fresh flowers! I rarely spend money on that, so that would be a real reward.

I'm not that into makeup, but in case you are, a new pretty nail polish might be a nice reward?

Tina Descovich said...

Yay Jill! I have all kind of rewards! A pedicure or manicure for sure! A nap is my favorite reward for working hard and it is free. Alone time is always a good one when you have 5 kids! As you loose more weight a great reward is a top or dress in a size smaller!! You can do it! You can do it!

Liz said...

I buy new books to read to reward myself. Good luck!

Courtney said...

I love massages! I've never had a manicure, but I'm guessing I would like that too. Like you, I tend to gravitate towards food rewards. I know it's not good and I hate that I see my kids being trained that way too (they get candy after every gymnastics class! :( ). I also love sparkly stickers, so I think if I was working towards a specific goal (like sticking to a set diet each day) that I might reward myself with a fun sticker each day and then give myself a bigger reward once I get a certain number of stickers. Hey, if it works for the kids...!