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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Visit from an Apostle of Jesus Christ

Elder Russell M Nelson came to our Stake Conference this past weekend. Here is a picture of him:

This is the second apostle of The Lord Jesus Christ that I have seen in person. When Elder Nelson walked into the room, I felt the Holy Spirit touch me and tell me that he was, indeed, a special witness of Jesus Christ. What a blessing to have been there. Because I was singing in the choir, I was able to be up on the stand near him. He said many things and I felt uplifted by his words. I found this video that I would encourage you to watch. It isn't long:

Elder Nelson spoke on Saturday night for the adult session of Stake Conference and then again Sunday morning. Silas and Calvin were sick, so Tyler stayed home with the children. I had thought to go alone, as I would be up on the stand and couldn't watch any of the kids in the congregation, but when I woke up I was inspired to take Anna with me. She has also seen an apostle, Elder Henry B Eyring, but she was only 4 years old at the time. I wanted for her to have another opportunity to see an apostle in person. After the conference, she was able to go up and shake Elder Nelson's hand. I hope she will never forget that special moment. 

Throughout the Stake Conference, I felt the Holy Spirit many times - more times that I can remember in such a short time - and it has had a great effect upon me. Whereas I have been feeling depressed (weight/dieting issues/adoption adjustment) I had thought that if I would just diet that I would be happy...that that alone would bring me peace. After feeling the Holy Spirit so many times, I found myself smiling and cheerful. I heard my tone of voice and it was that of a very happy, confident woman. I then recognized that my spirit was hungering to be fed and that I was more prone to depression when I wasn't feeling of the Holy Spirit on a very regular basis. It caused me to stop and ponder where my priorities were and to realize that a diet and weight loss will not bring my soul peace. Only God's spirit can and will do that. I have not found any good reasons for Calvin's surgery to have been postponed, until now. I am grateful to my God in heaven for this inspiration and I hope by my sharing it here that it will help someone. 

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Mary said...

I've met Elder Nelson and he is very personable and full of love.

Thank goodness for the Spirit in our lives! May He continue to sustain you through life's challenges.