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Friday, December 14, 2012

Silver Bells

I love this time of year. And...I also don't like it - in some aspects. I feel as though I have more on my list than I can accomplish. Normally I would just delete some items and live with it, but...we leave on Monday to see family so...packing, wrapping, mailing out Christmas letters, post placement reports for the twins, practicing to sing in church on Sunday...those can't wait until later. Plus, when we return from our trip I will have less than 12 hours before Anna's birthday celebration, so I need to be ready for that, too, before we leave. I am grateful, however, that I have such a good family that I want to visit. I know a couple of people who don't like visiting their family. God has blessed me immensely in this fact.

I was sickened to hear about the elementary school shooting that happened this morning in Connecticut. 27 known to be dead, mainly kindergartners and the principal. My son, Calvin, is in kindergarten! Simply awful. And then a report said that some of the violence was broadcast over the speakers so other students heard it. My heart aches for those sweet, innocent children having to experience such a horrific act.

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