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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmastime 2012

We went to OK for Christmas this year. We began in Stillwater to see Grandpa and Grandma McElwain and Grandma Hatch (plus my sisters Heather, Jennifer, & Rachel and their families and my brother, Coulter) and had a visit to Edmond to see Opa and Maamaw Dahle (plus Jacob, Ashley and their families and Alleigh).

The kids wrote Santa a Christmas letter

Travels and stops between OH and OK

Me and my adorable niece, Aurora

We had the boys sealed to us in the OK Temple. It was a special experience. Here are Calvin and Silas with Opa.

Opa, Maamaw, Jill, Silas, Tyler, Calvin, Iryna, Anna, Grandma H, & Keith outside the OKC Temple.

Little Willis and Tyler

Jennifer and Anna

Jill & Jennifer

I had the special opportunity to sing in a combined volunteer choir with my mom, sister, Rachel, and her husband, Alex, and my brother, Coulter. It was made up from central OK members of the LDS church and directed by the amazing Dr Craig Jessop, who flew out from UT to direct the choir. Dr Jessop was the director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir before the current Mack Wilberg. He was a joy to work with and I will always treasure the time we had to work with him. The concert was aired on tv three days in a row, including Christmas day. We hope to get a DVD of it soon. :)

Jill, Dr Jessop, Alex, Rachel, & Coulter

Iryna, Iliana, and Keith at Opa's house

Silas and Opa cracking nuts in a nutcracker

Landon and Ashley

Opa and Keith reading about reindeer flying

Tyler and Landon

Silas and Maamaw

Opa, Anna, & Maamaw

In Stillwater, Tyler & I went on a double date with Rachel & Alex. We saw The Hobbit. Rachel and I went shopping at Old Navy and had a lunch date at Olive Garden. We played games and spend lots of time talking. It's amazing how the older I get, the more I enjoy just talking with my family.

Uncle Coulter wins the award for most time talking about airplanes with Keith.

Hairclip from Rachel on Tyler. Kind of crazy, right? I love Tyler's Charlie Brown shirt. He wears it every year.

Silas and Grandma Hatch

Silas and Grandpa McElwain

Aurora and Anna

Christmas Eve dinner, waiting on the peasant soup.

Christmas Eve with my kids in their matching jammies plus their littlest cousin, Aurora.

Grandma Hatch and Iryna

Grandma and Grandpa McElwain

Christmas morning

Uncle Coulter and Calvin


We went up to Bartlesville and the kids had a blast with their cousins and Grammy and Pa-Pa.

The boys playing with their cousin, Spencer.

Siblings: Tyler, Tisha, & Travis

Grammy and Pa-Pa with three of their five kids.

 Tyler happened upon this picture of the boys all snuggled up together. So sweet.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Love, The Pierce Family

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