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Friday, January 25, 2013

Calvin back in the hospital

On Tuesday, I took Calvin in to see his pediatric cardiologist here at the base. I expected a routine follow up, as Calvin seems to be doing very well. The x-ray showed some fluid around his right lung and his oxygen % was 86. Not good. So they said he needed to go back to the hospital to drain out the fluid. We decided that Tyler would go as they anticipated it being a 2-5 day visit. I have been here watching the other 4 kids and holding down the fort. It's not easy, let me tell you. I don't know how single parents and military spouses do it. Granted, I am a military spouse but Tyler hasn't deployed (yet).

The doctors put Calvin on two diuretics and hoped that would solve the problem. It didn't; the fluid actually increased. So yesterday they put in a chest tube and within an hour they drained 300ml of fluid. That's good news, but nothing has come out since then. Calvin had a chest x-ray this morning, but Tyler hasn't heard the results yet. We are hoping (fingers crossed) that the fluid is all out and he can come home soon. Once they put in the chest tube, the doctor said it could be up to 3 weeks before Calvin leaves, so I have been busily preparing things so I can go to Cincinnati to switch Tyler places. But we are hoping that all the fluid is out and then things can move along quicker. Time will tell.

It's snowing here and I love it!

I have been forced learning to build fires since Tyler isn't here to make them. He actually enjoys building them and he does such a great job. I am sure he would laugh at my mediocre attempts, but so far they are working...for the most part. :P

Do you watch The Doctors? If so, they had a little clip on Choffy this week. They wanted to try Choffy without any creamer or sweetener on the set, which isn't recommended, but it was still good publicity. To learn more about Choffy, go to my website:

Here is a link to the episode of The Doctors, the Choffy clip is first:

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