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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Starting the year off right

I am not alone in making new year's resolutions to improve my health, I am sure. My goal is to increase the healthiness of the food that I eat. So far, the healthiest thing that I eat/drink is Choffy. If you are wanting to switch from coffee or to start drinking a healthy drink that tastes wonderful and is 100% CHOCOLATE, comment on this post to get a completely free sample from me. 

In addition to drinking Choffy, I want to up the protein in my diet and add more fruits and vegetables. Anna wants for me to make fruit smoothies, like her Uncle Coulter. I would love some recipes for smoothies, especially ones that I can add flaxseed or other fibers. Please share! I have never been big on drinking smoothies, but I am trying to change my perception of them. Happy New Year!


S Tudor said...

I'd love to try Choffy! My mailing address is
Shasta Tudor
PO Box 468
Glenpool, OK 74033
Thank you!!

steph said...

Not quite a fruit smoothie,, but one that my family likes is a version of orange julius. 12-14 ice cubes, 1/2 can of OJ concentrate, appx 1 teaspoon vanilla, flaxseed (I just pour it in. Maybe 1/4 cup?), pour almond milk over ingredients, enough to cover the ice. Blend. Sometimes I'll increase the almond milk and also add 1/2 cup quick oats. Variations of this are to add any berries or bananas. I add spinach if I'm adding berries. My kids won't touch it if it has a hue of green and the dark color of the berries hides the green. :)

steph said...

p.s. We also add flaxseed to our pancake or waffle batter.

Hevel said...

Bananas, strawberries, coconut milk, soy milk. Best thing ever.