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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Battle Scars

I was talking with my friend, Tina, this morning about a mole she had removed from her face. I told her that she now has a battle scar, instead of skin cancer. That got me thinking about battle scars during this earthly life. I imagined myself in heaven after this mortal existence. I was speaking with other people and talking about our battle scars from earth. I thought of some of my trials on earth: obesity, infertility, death of a parent. When I am in a trial, I certainly don't ask for more trials. And yet, we are told that it is through our trials that we grow. I asked Tyler what his thoughts were on this, and he paraphrased two quotes that he likes:

"You are only as strong as the trials that you faithfully endure and overcome."

"Life is like a grinding wheel. It leaves you polished and sharp or ground to dust, depending on what you're made of."

So, this makes me conclude a few things. One: trials are good for me. Two: it's important to not only endure trials, but be active in overcoming them. Three: welcome the battle scars, for they mean growth. 

Tina took the above pictures to document the process of her mole removal. She graciously agreed to let me share them here, hoping that they might help someone else going through something similar. What if we would choose a current trial, focus on it, document it, and embrace the battle scars. If I did that, I can imagine my looking back on my life from heaven would be different than if I just carried on as usual. Deep thoughts. I love it. What do you think?


Kent and Leisy said...

I try to tell myself that battle scars are 'cool' :) it just proves what we've been through- all of the experiences we've had! but with that being said- I don't agree with the idea that we are only as strong as the trials we endure and overcome. I believe I am as strong as I train myself to be. Strength can come as a result of intense training and hard work- just as easily as it can come through the experiences of a trial.

whitney said...

What wonderful, insightful thoughts. While I certainly wouldn't ever wish for my battle scars, I also wouldn't trade them away either.