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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The house of sickness

Normally I will get sick for a day or two, maybe three. I am currently on 2 1/2 weeks of sickness, with it getting worse about two weeks in. The past three nights I have been sleeping on the recliner at night and I have had a fever for two days. Anna had a fever yesterday and has a low grade fever today. Tyler and all of the kids have been sick, except for Keith. We have concluded that Keith isn't sick because he isn't stressed about anything in life. ;) And so, I have had to reschedule the past two week's of appointments for later dates. I went in to see the doctor and they said I have a virus and sent off a culture for strep. The kids have a virus, too. My throat hurts when I swallow and I have major congestion and fatigue. Plus, the fever is making me loopy. I'm just a mess, I tell you. I do have some fun quotes to share:

Calvin: My hair is so tired. See? Feel it!

We were on base and stopped a crosswalk to let some airmen walk by.
Anna: Why do we have to let the politicians go first?
Me: Politicians?
Anna: Yes. Why do they get to go first?
Me: Do you mean pedestrians?
Anna: Um, yeah.

Anna: Is there a cure for old timers?
Me: Old timers?? ...
Anna: Yes! They need to find a cure for it.
Me: I don't think there is a cure for old timers. Do you mean Alzheimer's?
Anna: Uh, yeah.

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