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Thursday, February 07, 2013

New glasses for Keith

Anna built a boat out of blocks in the basement. Since removing many of the smaller toys and putting them into tubs in the laundry room, this room has become much easier to play in. 

The slides and helicopter.

Silas jumping in the trampoline. 

When we moved to OH, Keith saw a new eye doctor. I was frustrated by how far away he is (30 min!) but I am absolutely thrilled with his services. He dilated Keith's eyes - which he hated - and said that that is the only way to get a correct prescription for Keith. And he would be right! Keith never makes eye contact because he is always looking at things in weird angles. It turns out that his prescription was partially opposite of what it should have been. He has had these new glasses (found on for super cheap) for a few days and he is already making eye contact with me. It is amazing to see the difference. I couldn't be happier over this and am also quite sad that he has been having the wrong prescription for FOUR YEARS!!!! But, at least, he has it right now. And isn't he super cute? I've always thought he was such a handsome boy. :)

Okay, all you Pinterest people. I fall in the category of getting on Pinterest every once in a while, pinning all sorts of cool stuff, and then never implementing anything into my real life. But - I knew that my front door needed something for Valentine's Day and I actually remembered (which surprised myself!) that I had a wreath on my Pinterest board. I made this wreath and I'm quite pleased with my first Pinterest craft. (Inspiration found here)

I am trying to prepare for Valentine's Day. I need to plan what valentines to make for the kids' classes, which treats to take to said classes, which meals to make on the actual day, etc. Do you have plans, or better yet, Pinterest pins that you are using this February 14th? If so, please share. I need more ideas and I know there are amazing ones out there. 
As per Choffy, they have a pretty sweet deal this Valentine's Day:
Free shipping on 12oz and 2lb bags of any variety of Choffy. This offer lasts through February 14th. Go to to order now. :)

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