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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Calvin in hospital / February 14th

So, you could say that we've been pretty sick around these parts for the past 2 weeks. Yeah, not so fun. In fact, I was beginning to think when I had past Christmas (and hadn't been sick) and past the cold snow in January (and hadn't been sick) that I just wasn't going to get sick this winter. I was wrong. The Friday before last, Calvin woke up at 11pm and he was barking like a seal. I took him into the urgent care and they said he had croup. 

Because of his recent heart surgery, they had an ambulance take him over to the Children's hospital. He was in the ER for a long time and then transferred up to the room. I was up all night long, and I had already taken melatonin at 11pm - just before I heard Calvin barking - and it was difficult to push through it all, but somehow I did. And Calvin was released that day, with some instructions to help him overcome the croup. 

So I was pretty out of it from the lack of sleep. Tyler was so good to me and helped me try to make up the lost sleep, but I am convinced it opened me up to catching the bug that some of my kids had already caught at that point. And I've been sick ever since then - going on 1 1/2 weeks. I am exhausted, I lost my voice, incredible amount of congestion, and sore throat. I was even sick on Valentine's Day. I am a huge fan of February 14th - going to great lengths to make it special for my husband and my kids. And I did my best to make it great for everyone, including myself - I ordered a box of See's scotchmallows! Plus, I made dinner for a family who recently adopted a newborn baby girl. I spent February 14th making 60+ cupcakes for the Valentine's Day parties for all the kids on February 15th. By the time we sat down for lasagna and breadsticks, I was spent. My sweet husband did something better than getting me flowers - he forbid me from doing another thing. I was told to eat my dinner, put my feet up, and not do anything else for the rest of the day. Anna finished frosting the cupcakes, Tyler put the kids to bed. And I just relaxed on the couch. That, ladies and gentleman, is REAL LOVE. 

Red velvet cake balls (heart-shaped)

Anna wearing her Pokemon Valentine's Day shirt. (And loving it)

We decorated the house in heart shaped balloons!

Margaret brought over some cookies for us. And Stefanie brought over some brownies, too. I am so blessed to be loved by my family AND my friends.

Heart shaped waffles with strawberries and whip cream.

Here are some pictures from the kids before church - only a couple were well enough to go:

Anna went to New Beginnings (a program meant to introduce girls turning 12 to Young Womens - a church program for girls aged 12-18). It was super fun being there with Anna (despite my feeling awful because I was sick) and Anna had a great time. I am hopeful she will enjoy YW as much as I did.

The kids and I enjoying a video of their cousin, Aurora:

I am making some carseat canopies right now - two are with these fabrics. They are so cute. 

I recently bought an iPhone 4S on eBay. I was very excited about my upgrade, until the phone started having problems. People couldn't hear what I was saying. I contacted the seller and he didn't want to refund the money, but thankfully eBay made things happen and I am shipping it back today (with tracking numbers, of course!). It's frustrating going back to my old phone (for now) but it makes me wonder if I should look on eBay for another one. Hmmm.

Calvin went in for a follow up and he is doing great! We will go back to the cardiologist in 5 weeks. It's been a rocky few weeks, with Calvin going back to the hospital twice since the surgery, but I think we are in the clear, for now. The next step for Calvin will be a heart and liver transplant. This should take place sometime within the next 15 years. 

I have been wanting to post on my blog for some time, but my head has been so foggy due to this cold/flu that I have. I have been in awe of my husband and how much he has served me and our family. Currently, Iryna, Silas, and I are all sick, but Calvin and Anna have been sick, too. Keith somehow missed out on it (this time, fingers crossed!). I know that we are on the earth to experience trials and I have had trials and have them now and will have more trials, but I have been incredibly blessed with my eternal companion, Tyler. Words cannot express my deep devotion to this man. I love him. I love being with him. He has such an easy going personality and teaches me so many things. I am grateful that I have him and that he is mine forever. God has blessed me and I am so thankful. 

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