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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

May the road rise to meet you

Happy St Patrick's Day! This is the first year that I have done anything other than wear green on March 17th. We started the day off with Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast:

My little Leprechaun! 

I made this wreath. I love the colors. 

We had Alison and her family over for dinner. We ate baked potatoes, steamed cabbage, rainbow jello, pistachio fruit salad, and lime sherbet with 7UP. Super yummy! Then we played BLOKUS. Lots of fun. 

I didn't have a wreath for Easter, so I looked all over Pinterest for some ideas. I didn't see what I wanted, so I designed this myself. This is huge, people. I don't design crafts - I just follow the directions - but this one came to me. I like how simple it is. 

Daddy and Iryna putting together a family puzzle I had made.

Homemade tapioca pudding. Oh yeah.

Did I mention that Iryna likes puzzles??

Silas' first day of preschool was today! I was nervous that he wouldn't go potty in the restroom due to all the excitement, but he went three times and the teachers said he had a great day! Mama AND Silas are thrilled!

We were headed to Sam's club the other day and this is what Silas wanted to wear.

Our friends, Kacey and Amy, are moving to CA this week. We had them over for taco soup and a rousing game of Caylus. Super fun! We will miss you and your family!

We've had some snow here, which I love. 

Anna making a mustache from two pretzels that were stuck together.


This is a great video of Silas rocking out on the way to Sam's club. He's so cute and has great rhythm.

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