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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Still Small Voice

I was sick for the whole month of February. Once I began feeling better, I noticed that my singing voice was not back. This has been a bit perplexing and frustrating, as I feel fine and my speaking voice is fine - where is my voice?! I spoke with my mom and she said that she lost her singing voice for 4 months once and she thought it wasn't ever coming back, but it finally did. Thank goodness, too, for she has an amazingly beautiful voice. So, I thought, what if my voice goes away for 4 months? Ugh. Not so fun. I have tried to sing a little in the month of March, but it didn't sound nice and Tyler told me I couldn't sing in the Stake Choir Easter Cantata because I always sing using my full voice and I would most likely make it go away even LONGER if I tried to sing for 2 hours like that.

Monday morning I had a small thought: why don't you sing in church this coming Sunday? I discarded the thought, thinking that my voice probably isn't fully back yet and SURELY there was someone else singing on Easter Sunday - it's kind of a big holiday. At lunch time, I listened to this talk:

It talks about acting on the promptings of the Holy Ghost, not matter how small they are. Immediately, that prompting of singing in church came to my mind. I resorted to calling the ward music chairman and asking if there was a need for a musical number on Sunday. I don't know why I was surprised to hear that NO, there wasn't a special musical number (other than the Primary) and that YES, they would LOVE for me to sing. At that point it was a mad dash to choose a song and pick an accompanist that could have it ready in 6 days. I prayed for help and was able to find both. Then I practiced the song - my voice felt very nice, although not 100%, but certainly nice enough.

This experience leads me to think several things: the thought wasn't overpowering - no angels singing, etc. Just a small little thought. And if I had had loud music playing? I wouldn't have heard it - which reminds me that we need quiet time everyday to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us. Also, music is important to God and He was already thinking about this coming Sunday and that the ward needed another musical number. Small things like this are important to Him and I feel blessed to be a part of it. I have had special experiences when it comes to music in church. I am grateful to add this one to the list and I am glad that I listened to the prompting.

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Dirk and Trish said...

I love that you take time to record and share moments like this. I am always ready to listen to anything that could be a warning, but I sometimes struggle to follow through on those other promptings. So many times I have thought to call someone, but decided they or I were to busy, only to find out later they were struggling and needed a friend. Thanks for sharing!