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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunny!

Maamaw and Opa mailed the kids a fun Easter package. They were so excited.

The Easter Bunny came this morning and hid the Easter baskets. The kids had fun looking for them. I love this tradition.

Yesterday was a busy day. I catalogued our food storage, vacuumed the basement and den, made Easter sugar cookies, met Alison for lunch, ran errands, made dinner, and I was exhausted by the time we put the younger four kids to bed. There was a Stake Easter Cantata last night at 7pm. I had wanted to participate, but my singing voice was gone during the rehearsals. I had the prompting that I should text Alison and go with her to the Cantata, even though it was just after 7pm. I figured that Alison was busy with other things - like bedtime - so I rationalized it away. Next thing I know? Alison texted me to go to the cantata. We went, albeit late, and thorough enjoyed it. So glad I went.

This morning I woke up to a really hoarse voice. I don't feel sick, but my speaking AND singing voice is awful. This wouldn't be a problem except I am singing in church this Sunday. And I felt especially prompted to sing. My accompanist, Stefanie, came over to practice this morning. My singing voice was quite unpleasant. But, as we talked about my inspiration to sing tomorrow, I felt the Holy Spirit's influence and I knew that everything would be all right tomorrow. So I am not worried about it. God can do anything. He gave me my musical talent and He can make my voice whole when I sing tomorrow.

Sugar cookies for tomorrow.

Carrot cake for tomorrow.

Tyler's zombie egg.

My little bunnies.

Showing off the dyed Easter eggs.

Maggie has such a rough life. Ha ha.

I bought some See's scotchmallows for my Easter candy this year. So good. I bought Tyler malt ball eggs. What Easter candy do you buy every year?

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Annie said...

The Easter bunny came here this morning too. Love it this way!

That carrot cake looks so yummy!

I like to buy jelly beans. They don't last very long...

Good luck singing!