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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Springtime is here! (I hope it stays)

I have an appointment to take Silas in and get a referral for him to evaluated for FAS. It was easy with Iryna, as she came with the diagnosis and her mother affirmed that she drank vodka throughout the pregnancy. Silas, however, had no such diagnosis. He does, however, have a smooth philtrum and is quite impulsive. Tyler has been telling me for a while that Silas is just a typical 3 year old boy, but even now he agrees that FAS is a likely diagnosis for our youngest child. For more information on FAS facial features, click here. What I want to know is, if any of you have had your child evaluated for FAS post adoption, and HOW did you do it?

My very tired Silas, past naptime...

Have you tried these? They are AMAZING!

Tyler came across this a couple of nights ago. So sweet to see them even holding hands. 

Anna and I all ready for church. We are both wearing new outfits. :)

The beautiful tree in our front yard. 

A Firehouse Subs just opened up and it's around the corner from me! This could be both good AND bad. Silas went with me to try it out. I loved my Hook and Ladder sandwich. Yum!

My brother, Coulter, is coming to visit us on Friday. We are super excited to see him! And my sister, Jennifer, gave birth to a daughter - Jessica! Isn't she cute?


Cayte said...

There are several blogs I follow where adoptive moms have had their kiddos diagnosed with FASDs (and have written about the process):

Dorothy at

Linda at at (her youngest two are Ms. D and Mr.A)

MomNoMatterWhat at (all 3 of her kids are diagnosed FASD)

The mom who blogs anonymously at (her second-youngest girl Daughter of Purpose was recently diagnosed with FASD)

Hope this helps!

Jennifer said...

What type of doctor diagnoses that?