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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Talent Show/Swimming Pool

There was a talent show last week at church. I was pleased that I could sing my favorite aria from Rusalka: SONG TO THE MOON. It went well and I enjoyed seeing the other talents, such as these girls dancing below. :)

Calvin likes to color a lot. He brought home this butterfly from school and spent lots of time coloring it. :)

Anna's friend, Laura, is moving away this week to UT. Anna will miss her so much. 

On Sunday I felt like making a little feast for dinner - my family didn't complain! Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and green bean casserole. It felt like Thanksgiving!

So it was quite hot last week and we thought we would try out our pool. Oh. My. Word. It was FREEZING!! I have never screamed while going down the steps into a swimming pool before. But I did this time! The kids still braved the water and Tyler got his wetsuit on to get in the water. I hope it will warm up SOON!

This sea plane blow up was one of Keith's birthday gifts. Can you tell he LOVES it?!

Anna is COLD!

We went to a Farewell get together on Monday to say goodbye to several families moving away this summer from church. Everyone had a BLAST!

A couple of months ago, Tyler & I went to a YW fundraiser for Girl's Camp. They took these pictures. :)

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