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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Keith's Birthday!

It's hard to believe that my oldest son is now a year older. Keith turned 9 years old this past week and we made it a day to remember! The balloon fairy came, we had doughnuts for breakfast, a family trip to the Air Force Museum, a sumptuous lunch buffet at SALSA's, cupcakes at Keith's class at school, cupcakes and Choffy ice cream with presents after school, and Keith got his macaroni and cheese for dinner! Whew! It was such a busy fun day and I think Keith loved every minute of it. :)

Keith is 9 years old, which means we have now had it in our family for half of his life. I call Keith "The boy who lived" because he would have died had we not adopted him from the orphanage in Ukraine. Keith is a naturally very happy boy. He is incredibly good at entertaining himself and has a lively imagination when it comes to all-things-airplanes. He is still 100% obsessed with airplanes and helicopters. His favorite color is yellow. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese. His favorite drink is Iced Choffy. He likes to watch LOTS AND LOTS OF JETS AND PLANES, volumes 1 & 2. He enjoys swimming and going on errands with his Daddy. He is definitely a Daddy's boy and prefers him to me (no question!) but he enjoys snuggle time with me when I request it. He is such a good boy and we are so blessed to have him in our family. Happy Birthday Keith!


Desiree said...

Hey just stopping by to read the blog as I do every so often. Yea, I'm a blog stalker. I just think its neat when I see Keith Pierce written on things. The reason its neat is because my fiance's sons name is Keith Pierce too. They are close in age too. Our Keith will turn 9 in November this year. Kind of a neat tid bit to me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keith! If I remember right from RR Keith had a twin sister that was adopted without him? Do you have contact with her and her family? I would be interested in learning if you do or not. We recently located two siblings who were adopted without our son before we adopted him whom I have spoken over the phone with their new mother. It is an interesting new relationship that is blooming. We are hoping to get together this summer for a camping trip. Their kids remember their younger brother but unfortunately our son has no memory as is younger than them. The family did not even know about him until their two learned enough English to share with them they had a brother then through a chain of ways they found us! Interesting to know if you have contact with Keith's sisters family or not if it's not too personal. Our other adopted child she has several siblings some adopted to separate families (none have we located but we really haven't tried to be honest - we know one is in the US and the other two in Italy). Unfortunately we went to adopt her older two siblings but they refused to be adopted, wanted to stay but in the end we ended up coming home with our son so it was meant to be!

Jill Pierce said...

Dear Anonymous, please email me and I can tell you what I know. My email address is: jilldpierce at gmail dot com