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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Turkish Food

The GNO for May was at PASHA GRILL and Christy and I were the only brave enough ones who went. Christy actually lived in Turkey for 4 months with the Air Force, so she could read the menu (it was in English, but not really...since I don't know what anything means...) and help me make a good choice. This was my first time to eat Turkish food and I was pleased that I could find something I liked, since I am picky with food.

We started off with some turkish bread that you dip into a sauce of oil and tomatoes. It was surprisingly very good. I ordered the kebab which is similar to gyro meat (combination of lamb and beef) which came with the best rice I've ever had. So good. The meat was a little too peppery for me (think black pepper) and for dessert I ordered the baklava. Folks, the baklava is enough to make me want to return. It had pistachios in it and it was divine. I was already a fan of baklava beforehand, but now I really am. Christy ordered a custard with grape sauce and it was nice, too. Big THANKS to Christy for introducing me to something new! :D


Kebab and rice. Tomato/oil dip is in the background.

Custard with grape sauce and heavenly baklava

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