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Friday, June 07, 2013

Silas and the coin

One day this last week, I was awoken by Calvin telling me that Silas had problems. After more questions, he said that Silas had swallowed a coin. Silas came in my room with tears and I knew I had to act fast. Tyler was taking his last final so I couldn't ask him for help and it was the last day or school. Talk about chaos!

I got myself dressed and quickly drove Silas to the ER on base. I kept asking Silas questions on the way to the base, making sure he could talk, and therefore, know he was breathing. They called us back ASAP and took an X-ray of Silas. Here is how he looked.

Yes, his shorts are on backwards, and yes, that is a rashguard for a shirt. He was miserable, poor thing! The X-ray showed the coin lodged in his esophagus and they said he would most likely be transferred via ambulance to the nearby hospital, & rushed into the OR for surgery to remove it. Silas was very solemn, not moving around or talking much at all.

While waiting for things to get moving, Silas suddenly started talking! He said his throat didn't hurt anymore and he looked like this:

The nurse came in and did another X-ray. Sure enough, the coin had dropped down into his stomach. Crisis and surgery had been averted! Woo-hoo! I am grateful for answered prayers.

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Kacey & Amy said...

wow, that was a blessing. Thanks for sharing. I am glad that he didn't have to have surgery.