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Monday, August 26, 2013

A difficult day in my life

Today was rough. It all began with the prospects of a fabulous day. Both Silas and Calvin were going to school, as were the older three children, so it was going to be awesome. I was going to have some sweet hours of quiet time - just for me. However...The first thing I noticed was this:

Silas had somehow found a blue crayon and colored all over the entryway. Not a good start to my morning.

I fed the kids leftover pancakes from the night before. I sent the four older kids on their merry way and then decided I would sing some songs on the piano with Silas while waiting for the bus to arrive. never came. So, I called the bus transportation. They said their records show to arrive tomorrow - not today. However, they said they could bring Silas home after preschool. So I throw Silas in the car and drive him down to the school...only, I had never been to the school so I didn't know exactly where it was. I called Tyler - who took Silas to the Open House - but he didn't answer. I knew the street it was on, but that was it. My friend, Aleese, answered my call and rescued me on the school information.

Here are some photos of Silas on his first day of preschool. Please note that he had already stained his shorts before breakfast, somehow, and had to change his first shirt after eating breakfast.

Prediction: future nickname will be CLASS CLOWN.

Silas has a GREAT smile. :D

His backpack color matches his blue eyes.

I dropped Silas off and then went to ALDI to pick up a few items, and also took my Choffy manager training call while shopping - multitasking at its best.

I drove home and realized that the trashcans and the recycling hadn't been taken out to the curb. Since they only come once a week, I knew that I needed to bring those down. Tyler usually does it, but he must have forgotten. It was not easy to haul three, full trashcans (no wheels, people) down to the curb. Then, I proceeded to unload the car with all my ALDI loot. By this time, I am sweating profusely and my stomach reminded me that I had not eaten yet - it was going on 11am. I whipped up some breakfast to some fun music and then enjoyed the silence of my house as I ate. I thought about swimming before taking a shower, but realized that it was 11:30am and if I didn't hurry, I wouldn't be ready by the time the bus brought Silas home.

I hurry to get ready and then *think* I hear the bus a few minutes early. Since it's the first day, I figure that the time they gave me was an estimate. I fly down the stairs and it was the trash collector. Then I get a phone call from Silas' teacher. She is wondering where I am, because Silas is at the school and the bus didn't bring him home. When I asked why, she said it's because Silas doesn't have an IEP (which means he cannot ride the bus until he has a current IEP) and would I mind coming over and doing the IEP now at the school. So, I race (not literally) over to the school, with a lunch in tow for Silas, and then we completed an IEP (individual education plan) for Silas. I throw him back in the car and we head home. I put him down for a nap 10 minutes before my good friend, Teresa, arrives to talk Choffy with me. After two hours of chatting and preparing for a Choffy event I have on Thursday, she leaves and Silas wakes up from his nap.

30 minutes later, the older four kids come home and there is a snack to be passed out, lunch boxes to collect, red folders to go through, and the incessant whining that Iryna has been dishing out 24/7 for the past 2 weeks. It was enough to make me sit down and start breathing deeply in and out for fear of lashing out and not keeping my cool. At 4pm, it's time to start dinner. I whip up some tacos and rice for the kids. I calmly inform Tyler that I am about to lose it emotionally. Then we sit down for dinner. After I finish, I escape to the other room to be alone for a few minutes. Tyler, not knowing I was seeking solitude, proceeds to send each child in to see me after they finish up their dinner. Agitated, I send them all away so I can get some peace.

FHE begins. I am already frustrated and feel like an emotional wreck from the day. Tyler does a great job of teaching the children about The First Vision and we had a surprise visit from Greta, bringing us some fresh tomatoes. :) Then we ate the blueberry cobbler that I made for dessert. At this point, I realize that the kids smell since they are doing daily recess outside in hot weather. Please note that I do NOT bathe my younger four children everyday. I don't have it in me, folks. I usually aim for twice a week, but now that school is back in session, I am shooting for every other day. And that meant today they were getting a bath. Iryna is flipping out and screaming and whining. Keith has a rash. We get through the baths and then send the kids to bed.

And here I am, typing this all up so that I can remember this difficult day. Maybe I will laugh at it sometime, but that time is not now. I fully believe in sharing the good times AND the bad times. So, if your day was any better than mine - smile for my sake. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Bunni said...

I have been there and done that, had many days like the one you described in your post. Take heart and know that one day in the not so distant future you will look back on these days and smile. Like the song says, you're gonna miss this. I know I do. Pray for strength, get a good night's sleep, wake up tomorrow, and do it all again. It does get better. It does get easier. Hugs!

Bunni said...

By the way, this is Bonnie, Bonnie Richards, from Facebook.

Courtney said...

I only bathe my kids every other day, and occasionally that gets stretched to every three days if we have something going on. :) Hang in there!

Amy L said...

Got exhausted just reading all that! :( Praying your week gets better!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you were able to clean up the crayon but I have found Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders.