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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Heart updates on Calvin & Silas

Calvin and Silas are on a yearly heart check-up schedule, and this week it was time to go in to see Dr Connor. Incidentally, Dr Connor is SO GOOD with kids. I can understand why he is a pediatric cardiologist. Some doctors do not have a good bedside manner (and I have met those kinds of doctors, as well...) but he is great. Anyhow, they did an ECG (or was it EKG? I cannot remember) and also an ultrasound on each boy, plus Dr Connor listened to their hearts. Calvin is doing great. Still on track for up to 15 years before a complete heart transplant. Nothing new with him and we will continue on the same heart medications (enalapril and baby aspirin). Dr Connor said that Silas's heart sounded pretty "leaky" and that he will most likely need another heart surgery as a teenager or early adult. I wasn't expecting this, since he didn't need his valve replaced during his tetralogy of fallot surgery last year (whereas the majority of TOF patients do have it replaced and have to have subsequent heart surgeries afterwards). During Silas' TOF surgery, they were able to repair the valve so that it didn't need to be replaced, but I guess it will be need to repaired again or replaced in 10+ years. Bummer.

As far as what the boys can do, Silas can play all sports and will probably start slowing down some as the valve needs to be replaced. Calvin cannot do strenuous activity, but he himself will know when he's done too much and will slow down on his own - which we have already seen him do. Dr Connor did say that Calvin must at all costs avoid getting the flu. He said that the flu can be fatal for single ventricle heart patients. This was also news to me! He instructed us to have Calvin get a flu shot ASAP and that every member of our family should also have it. Typically, I skip the flu shot, myself, but this is serious business (could be life or death) so I got mine along with my boys before leaving the hospital.

My silly boys!

Dr Connor with Calvin & Silas

Silas' sunbeam class at church. They are preparing for the Primary Program in a couple of weeks. I know I should have my expectations LOW when it comes to having Silas behaving, but I hope he can at least stay in his seat. And not talk. Heaven help him!

Yesterday I made some split pea soup. I have made up a dinner menu through the end of this year and it was on the menu for yesterday. I am always surprised at how comforting this soup is. I didn't like it as a child when my mom made it, but now I love her recipe

Last week was the RS General Broadcast. I loved this quote from our prophet, President Monson.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet little boys. Love the pic with the doc. It's so nice to have one with a good bed side manner. Hard to find these days. - tina