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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silas' Birthday

My youngest child is now four years old. Where does the time go? The balloon fairy came during the night and left four white balloons in Silas' room. He was so excited! Silas requested doughnuts for breakfast, so that is what we had. I made pumpkin Snickerdoodle cookies and sent them in for her class to enjoy. Silas came home with a fun happy birthday sticker on his shirt. I happened to get Silas his 4 year old wellness appt on his birthday, so we went to that after preschool. Silas is 30% on weight, 7% on height, 78% on body mass index. This boy is going to be SHORT! It is funny to see the various physical looks of our family. I cannot wait until they are all grown up to see how they turn out. The Pierce Family is like a box of chocolates...but I digress. The doctor said that I should focus more on potty training. Gee, thanks. Then she said he needs his 4 year old immunizations and also a blood draw. Happy Birthday, Silas! He really did a good job at both and I was hoping all the birthday hype might help him not focus on the pain so much. Let's just say that he took a nice nap when we got home. :) We had the sister missionaries over and ate ham loaf and scalloped potatoes for dinner and Stefanie made a monster's university birthday cake for Silas. He wanted Mike Wazowski as main character. It turned out really cute. Then we opened presents. Silas got some Thomas the train footsie pajamas and a Henry train to play with, and the Monster's University DVD, and some Legos. After dinner, we watched the DVD. It was a fun day!

Silas is a very loving boy. He is a sensitive soul and very tender. He doesn't ever want to upset you. He is adorable and gets comments everywhere we go. I personally love his scratchy voice and enjoy hearing him sing. I love you, pumpkin!


Carina said...

He is such a cutie! Happy birthday, Silas!!!

Rebecca said...

My baby turned 4 in September. She has zero interest in potty training. As the last of 5, I had expected her to want to do what the big kids do, but nope! She's told me she's never going to potty train. I'm pretty relaxed about it- when they are ready, it will happen, and why should I make both of us miserable before then? However, for this kid, I may have to push it. Still, I'd let Silas move at his own pace and don't stress it. I'm not going to stress for a few more months! Then.... well, I'm not sure what I'm going to do!

Happy Birthday!