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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Calvin's birthday!

My Russian Prince, Calvin, is now 7 years old. Today we had his birthday party. He woke up to balloons from the balloon fairy and he requested doughnuts for breakfast. We had the party at lunchtime. Calvin wanted hotdogs and cheetos for lunch. My good friend, Stefanie, made a Lego Batman cake. I decorated last night and had some fun things going, such as the batman signal flashlights!

I love this quote.

I looked for batman fruit snacks, to no avail. There is a coloring sheet, stickers, and fruit snacks in the yellow gift bags.

Yellow and black was such a fun combination!

Calvin invited two girls to his party: Olivia and Kathryn. I found it hilarious that these two girls were coming to a LEGO BATMAN birthday party, but they had a great time. I guess when you're young, themes don't matter much. 



I even dressed in yellow!

Considering what to do with 6 kids for 2 hours?!



Anna dressed in black to match.

Each of the kids got a cape (black trashbag tied around their necks) and flashlights with the batman signal.

Time for cake!

I saw this at Target and thought Calvin would love it! He is super excited to wear it to school.

Batman jammies

Batman shirt

Paint and markers

Legos and coloring stuff. Calvin is QUITE the artist, so the art supplies were a welcome gift!

New game!

Calvin & Kathryn

Calvin & Olivia

Calvin & Iryna (she wanted a picture after he got one with the other girls)

Calvin is my natural optimist. He is excited about everything new and fun. His mouth is literally open as he jumps up and down at the idea of a new recipe I am making or a fun activity we have planned. He can get overwhelmed with too much stimulation (this is normal with all my kids) so I am bracing myself for an emotional crash later this afternoon. (Doughnuts, soda, cake, and ice cream probably aren't helping...) I love being Calvin's mama. Some things about him: He loves to snuggle! When we read scriptures, he is either snuggling up to me or Daddy is at all possible. He loves to play his Batman Lego wii game. He is really into Legos. He also likes to color and cut and paste. He is the boy that brings home his unfinished school or church project and works on it until it's done. Calvin enjoys being helpful. If he sees something that needs to be done - he will usually do it. He enjoys "making things perfect" as he says, such as making his bed and tidying the playroom in anticipation of having company over. His current chore is to vacuum all the carpet on the main floor. Not to worry, the majority of our main floor is tile and hard wood, but we have throw rugs and one carpeted room. He *generally* does a nice job. One worry that I have for Calvin is his lack of conscience when it comes to following through with things I have asked him to do. Two examples: I have asked him to not turn on the light in his room during the night or early morning (this wakes up the other two boys) and he repeatedly does it. I have asked him to not open up the curtains in his room during the night or early morning and he repeatedly does it. Not only that, he will ask Keith to do it and Keith will say: "Mama doesn't want me to do that," and Calvin will tell him: "Mama won't find out." I hope this will change as he grows up. Calvin is a social butterfly - he has many friends and is friendly with everyone. He repeated kindergarten this year and his teacher says that he is at the top of the class. I look forward to many more years with my son, Calvin. I love you, Calvinka!

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Rebecca said...

How fun! My 12 year old son has a running family joke about being Batman, so I found some awesome caped socks on Amazon for Christmas for him. Coolest thing ever. Loved hearing about Calvin's party! That looked fun!