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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas! Yes, it has been a week and a half since Christmas! Here's the recap: Tyler's sister, Tisha, and her five kids came to spend a week with us over Christmas. We all had a SUPER fun time playing games and the cousins playing together. Tyler even took up running alongside his sister! He tends to get out and run if we have company who runs...remember that, Coulter? Well, as in most holidays, there are many pictures to be prepare yourself!

I made this centerpiece for Christmas. I LOVE pine scented candles in December and these pine cones accented it perfectly. 

My friend, Valerie, made 2000 truffles to sell in December to raise money to adopt three boys from Bulgaria! Tyler was only too happy to help their cause. I think Tisha was also excited about the I know where Tyler gets it from. ;)

Tyler & I went on a double date with Carl and Charito. We saw the movie The Hobbit 2! Super fun! We also ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant beforehand. So good. 

I made these Almond Danish Bars - quite good.

My first time to make Starlight Crisps - a family recipe for Christmas!

This is a Kransekake - a Norweigan/Danish cake for holidays. This was our first year having it and Tyler wants it again next year! Yummy!

My wonderful SIL, Tisha! Isn't she so cute?

Macie was sweet to help Iryna do her chore. 

This was taken at Silas' Christmas party. He had a great time!

Silas with Santa!

Me and my boy!

Silas and his friend, Kaede. Kaede's family is from Japan. They are a sweet family!

My spunky niece, Maleiah.

Anna and Maddie

This was a common scene of Isaiah and Josiah...

My best attempt at making my mom's french bread recipe. And it was tasty, too!

The kids on Christmas Eve!

The stockings were laid...

I love my snow village.

The only childproof nativity around.

Christmas morning!

The kids were SO excited!

Girl cousins!

We match!

Tyler got some golf shoes!

And a new sweater! Isn't he cute?!

Lovely ladies!

My mom got me this new white casserole dish for Christmas. It is perfect for the sweet potato casserole.

I made funeral potatoes to go with the Christmas ham.

Calvin lost his other front tooth - so he could sing ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH! 

Homemade rolls.

We had a little Christmas music on Christmas day.

Teaching the cousins and Aunt Tisha to play Settlers of Catan!

A gift from Tyler. I have discovered that I really like popcorn. Who knew?!

Maggie didn't know what to do with all the company. 

The kids stayed up a little later than usual. Calvin generally fell asleep by the fire at the end of the day.

Miss Maleiah was tired. Tisha is a great mom.

Waiting to watch FROZEN in the theater! Everyone loved it.

Playing at the park!

I married an amazing man - plus he's cute!

Lego time.

Macie did NOT like cream of wheat. Ha ha.

Calvin does! Oh, and Calvin has glasses now!

After church. The kids loved having their cousins come with them.

Tisha is a master braider! She taught me some moves while she was here. I plan to keep practicing on my girls. 

I gave Iryna beads for Christmas. It is a good activity to calm her down. Plus she likes it!

A puzzle from Grandma Russell!

A train track from Opa & Maamaw

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