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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Planning for my GF future

The idea of switching to a gluten-free diet has pretty much taken over my mind. I feel like I have so much to learn and am becoming overwhelmed by it all. I had already planned the meals for the rest of January AND had gone grocery shopping for them all, so I decided to wait until February 2nd to switch to gluten-free dinners and hopefully breakfasts and lunches, too. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to be tested for a gluten allergy. Anna has a similar appointment, as well. Everyone says to take this GF change slowly - but that seems next to impossible for my brain. I am so grateful for all the websites and recipes that people are throwing my way. I am compiling a list of ingredients to buy and recipes to try. I have been looking around on Pinterest for GF recipes, but most of them seem to be desserts or breads made with flours other than wheat. For right now I would prefer to focus on recipes that don't ask for flour and then experiment with flours later once I get the knack of things. I'm a bit turned off from the majority of the Pinterest GF dinner recipes that I have found - spaghetti squash doesn't sound good to me...bleah. I am most excited about using the recipes that I have which are already GF - I have 32 dinner recipes, which is over a month! Hooray for some sense of normalcy.

I love food storage. I love being prepared. I'm not thinking to chuck all of my wheat or anything, but I have a few containers of bread crumbs and panko and I wonder if I should give them away or something...? I am not planning to use them on purpose, so does it benefit me to keep them around? Any thoughts? Plus, we are moving in June, so I am looking to go through what food I have on hand before then.

For those of you who eat gluten-free, what snacks do you keep on hand? I want to have my house stocked with options so I don't feel like I am starving...I am thinking that fresh produce is good and peanut butter, yogurt, nuts. Suggestions are welcome!


Motivated Mama said...

I would not keep things you don't want to eat in the house. As far as snacks--homemade trail mix is great, lots of options with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, rice Chex, etc. Also carrot sticks w/ hummus. I have also done a big bowl of air popped popcorn first thing in the morning, then left it on the counter and munched on it all day. And fruit! Apple slices with peanut butter are a favorite in this house. Clementines, frozen grapes (sooo yummy), berries.

Annie said...

I have tried reading this post a few different times and I keep getting an error box... :( Anyone else experience this too?