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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day! Ours was wonderful. We made cute little Valentine's Day cards for the younger four kids and they each helped make them. I am not a mom that delves into crafts with her children, but doing these one-on-one was actually enjoyable for me and I know they had fun, too. 

Tyler isn't usually a gift-giver, so I went ahead and bought a Valentine's Day gift for myself - I found these slippers on Amazon. They are super comfortable and they have rubber soles so I can wear them outside. Love. Them.

I made several treats for Valentine's Day for the missionaries to take out and deliver to people they are teaching. These are the GF Coconut Creme Chocolates.

The spread.

Chocolate cookies my good friend, Margaret donated! 

Four of the 8 (yes, EIGHT!) missionaries in our ward. 

Silas showing off his adorable Valentines.

Apparently, you need your tongue extended to cut paper. Who knew?

Keith surprised me with how well he did in both writing and cutting them out.

The night before February 14th, Tyler & I went on a date. We saw The Monuments Men. It was a nice movie. My only complaint was the bad language. Why can't they just leave that junk out?!

My traditional treat on February 14th. This year I went with a custom mix that included more than just Scotchmallows. 

I decorated everything for breakfast the night before. The kids were SO excited!

I bought Tyler some Circus Peanuts - he loves those things.

I bought my own red roses...again, Tyler isn't much for buying gifts...however, he DID surprise me with some white roses on the day! They are beautiful!

Dollar Tree find. Cute Valentine's Day socks for $1? Yes, please!

I made eggs and toast with orange/grapefruit juice and Choffy. I wanted to make something not sweet because I knew treats would be forthcoming throughout the day. I also dressed them all in red, too. I love fun traditions!

For Tyler. :)

Yes, I'm cheesy like that. 

Red and white roses. So pretty. And red and white were our wedding colors. 

For dinner: Texas Flank Steak.

Baked Potato, Cheesy Creamed Corn, Texas Flank Steak.

Sparkling Blueberry Grape Juice complete with my sweet Valentine!

Saw this online. Ha ha. 

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