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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Swim Team

April GNO at Abuelo's. I had a delicious gluten free dinner of fajita steak, refried beans, rice, and chips and salsa. Yum!

Silas, Drew, and I saw this super long worm - almost as long as my foot!

The Sister Missionaries spreading cheer to our family!

Anna ready for her first Stake Activity - Olympics! She was SO excited! Is it just me, or is she getting tall?!

Playing outside on a glorious day!

Anna won a "gold" (chocolate) medal. 

Calvin and I making GF breadsticks. 

A paper that Keith brought home from school. I love the family portrait and the answer he gave to this statement: The people in my family are - friends. That just does my heart good. I love my boy!

Dominos has become a family favorite.

We woke up to SNOW two days ago. Crazy!

Tuesday was 1/2 price slushes at Sonic and we took advantage!

Anna is now on the swim team! She is loving it. 

I went to a cheese-making class Tuesday night at the church. I learned how to make mozzarella cheese. It was delicious! I am excited to practice this skill.

We are waiting to hear if the receiving base will accept us to be there or not. We should know by next Tuesday. ::fingers crossed::

We are working on getting some things repaired on our house. We have accepted an offer and will close next month. Feeling very blessed by Heavenly Father. I know He is watching over us. 

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Tisha said...

Nice and happy family! Where is the receiving base?