Help outfit Michael, Sarah, and John

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Within 12 days

Within the next 12 days, we should know whether or not our receiving base in CA will accept us or reject us. This decision is based on the fact that we are an EFMP Family (Exceptional Family Member Program). Basically, if they cannot meet the special needs of our children, they will reject us from coming to their base. It is likely that they will reject us because it's in the middle of the desert and far from medical care. I am hopeful that they will reject us - this was not a location we sought after and we certainly don't want to have to drive up to an hour for therapy, doctor appointments, etc.

If the receiving base rejects us, then we will get a new assignment somewhere. Then they will also have 2 weeks to decide if they can supply our needs or not. Tyler graduates in late June, so I hope we can make housing plans soon.

Despite our close timetable, I feel peaceful that everything will work out. I know that God is watching over us and will help us.


Anonymous said...

Did your house sell?

Rebecca said...

We got orders to Okinawa. I am so so stressed about passing our medical screening. I have one kid with mild Aspegers and ADD, and one with only one kidney, and neither needs any ongoing care, but I still fear! I'm so afraid we'll get packed up and on our way and they will say, "Oh, just kidding, we can't send you there!" We do want to go, but the stress is killing me. I hope you get to go somewhere that is good for your family.