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Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome springtime!

The weather is warming up and we are loving all the flowers and leaves coming up. Being married to Tyler has certainly made me more interested in gardening and the joy of watching things grow. He asks me a few times a week to walk around the yard. I enjoy this so much. There is no news on where we are moving yet. We were supposed to hear something last's hoping we will know more this week. Time is ticking!

Lego time with Daddy.

Our beautiful crabapple tree is in bloom. Isn't it gorgeous?

My hair is really getting long. I love it!

Tyler and I had our temple date on Saturday. I love going to the temple with my sweetheart.

My dear friend, Charito, took me to get juice with tapioca pearls. I got taro coconut and I brought a honeydew back for Tyler. The pearls are black and chewy - so good!


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