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Monday, May 05, 2014

Cinco De Mayo!

I don't think there is anything so precious as snuggling a little child. And Silas is so good at snuggling up. He will snuggle for 10-30 minutes and I. Love. It.

I have gone to get another bubble drink with Charito, and this time we brought more friends to try it out:

Honeydew, Taro, Strawberry, and Lychee

Leisy & Brittany

I haven't color analyzed many people in a while, but I did color analyze my good friend, Stefanie. She is a Winter with a summer blend. Isn't she lovely?

My good friend, Alison, told me about an introduction to handguns class. Tyler was interested in it so we went. It is a Tuesday night class with a Sunday afternoon hands-on shooting session. I didn't realize how nervous I was going to be around a loaded gun, but I was quite scared! Thank goodness the teacher was super sweet and she may have babied me a little bit...or a lot. I didn't like having to do a class on a Sunday, though. If we do another class we will look for one that is only during the week. 

Tyler is a natural!

Scary clowns to shoot at...

I'm smiling but I was terrified!

I liked this target pistol the most. I had the best aim with it and it didn't have a big kickback.

Pierce...Tyler Pierce

Die clown!

Just as in the past when we are about to move, we try to schedule as many last minute fun times with friends. We had Alan and Stefanie over for dinner and RISK last night. The kids played while we took over the world. Ha ha ha.

Happy CINCO DE MAYO! My friend, Belen, and her daughter, Amy, joined Silas and me for a Mexican lunch. It was delicious and the company was so fun! I'm so grateful for good friends!

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