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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to Keith!

Keith is now 10 years old. It is amazing to me to see his progress! Keith requested strawberry crepes for breakfast with macaroni and cheese for dinner. Tyler took the younger four kids to the Air Force Museum and it just happened to coincide with SPACE FEST! "Space" was his birthday theme so it was perfect. They were able to build rockets and shoot them off outside. It was a marvelous day and I can imagine that Heavenly Father lined it up just perfectly for our special boy. My good friend, Stefanie, made an awesome cake with a space shuttle on it! She is seriously so creative. Keith got a STAR WARS leapster, some Despicable Me pajamas, some books on space, space shuttles, rockets, and airplanes. He is in heaven! We also watched STAR WARS 4 together as a family. It was a great day!

Here are some photos from the past and from his actual birthday.

First time meeting Keith. They said he was a sad boy, but he has been so happy since we brought him home!

Spending time with Keith in the orphanage.

The day I took him home from the orphanage in Artemovs'k, Ukraine.

This guy is all smiles.

Learning how to walk with his reverse K walker.

Family picture from last year.

A year ago.

Star cupcakes for Keith's class - Stefanie made these as well.

A fun hat from school.

Going to the Air Force Museum.

The crepes I made. I used gluten-free flour and they were more like blini - the Russian form of crepes. So good.

The rockets they shot off at the Air Force Museum.

Stefanie did an AWESOME job!

Keith is my dear, sweet boy. He has a tender heart and always wants to please you. If I am ever upset with him, it rocks his world and he seeks reassurance that everything is okay. He loves everything to do with the following: trains, cars, airplanes, space, and space shuttles. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese. His favorite drink is milk. His favorite dessert is chocolate cake. His favorite veggie is broccoli. His favorite fruit is apple. I know this little guy was meant to be mine. I am so grateful to be his mama.

As happy as he can be!

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Laurie said...

It warms my heart what a great mom you've been to your kids, particularly the courage you've shown as you've rescued your kids from some difficult beginnings. You are all extremely resilient. My hat is off to you. Our world needs women like you. Heavenly Father must be so proud.