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Monday, May 26, 2014

Iryna is 10!

Due to the uncertainty of when we are moving to our next assignment, we decided to celebrate Iryna's birthday a month early! Every once in a while, I am reminded that Iryna has major special needs. Not many kids would completely rip apart her special blanket the night before out of anticipation and anxiety. But Iryna did. Plus she bent her glasses that just arrived in the mail. Being Iryna's mama is not an easy task, but I am glad that she was able to find some joy and feel extra love on her birthday.

Iryna requested GF Baked French Toast for breakfast.

Monkey cupcakes to take to school.

Eating her special breakfast!

Iryna with her cake.

Me and my Ukrainian princess.

Daddy and Iryna.

She got new sandals, monkey pajamas, 3 monkey books, and the greatest hits of the MONKEES. She was thrilled with her gifts. Buying things for Iryna is tricky. On Christmas, she wants what everyone else gets more than what she gets. It is kind of like she doesn't have an opinion or even know what she likes. I think she was happy with the monkey theme. She is still quite oral and enjoys sucking on monkeys from a barrel of monkeys. I noticed that we had lost most of them, so when I ordered some online, I figured it would be a good theme for her birthday. She loves her new purple monkeys. 

Iryna's favorite food is pork with rice. She loves cherry tomatoes and strawberries. She likes popcorn and pirate's booty snacks. She does NOT like coconut or oatmeal. Iryna loves music. She swings her head to music with a fast beat. She is concerned if you are hurt and usually pats your knee and tells you that it will all be okay. She also loves to do chores that she knows how to do. She has a great sense of satisfaction from doing a job well-done. Iryna has come a long way since we first adopted her and I am proud of the girl she is becoming. I love you, little Irynka!

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