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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Howdy from Oklahoma!

I am now in Oklahoma with my five kids visiting family. Tyler is finishing up his masters degree now and should be done in a few weeks.

Here is an update in my world: we moved out of our house on Thursday. That day, alone, was one of the busiest of my life to date. I was on the go all day long. In the evening, our fabulous respite care worker, Tracy, went to the hotel to watch the kids while I ran errands for Tyler and dropped Maggie off with Carl and Charito.

Tyler had friends come over to help him move everything out of the house. They started at 6pm and didn't finish until close to 1am. It. Was. Crazy. Tyler came to the hotel to sleep, but our kids didn't sleep well and kept waking us up repeatedly. No one slept well. Tyler left at 6am and went back to the house to clean up things prior to the buyers wanting to walk through at 10am. I got the kids all ready, fed them breakfast, and took then to their last day of school. Then I went to the house and five angels showed up to help me clean the house. So grateful to Holly A, Julie M, Kiaya S, and Sisters Puddicomb and Loder! At 10am, the buyers came to walk through the house. With the help of my angel friends, the house looked fabulous. Tyler was pleasantly surprised how nice it looked after a couple of hours of work. Many hands make light work.

Next, Tyler, Silas, and I headed over to close on the house. We feel so blessed to have sold our house. And the buyers are such friendly people. Just a great selling experience (except the stressful house showings).

My good friend, Kathy, brought me the best send off package:

Silas laid down for a nap and then when the kids got out of school, we had to drop off the uhaul that Tyler used to move all the items. I ended up leaving Ohio around 5pm.

We drove three hours and stopped in Terre Haute to sleep. Everyone was exhausted and we all slept in. Then I drove the last six hours to Oklahoma. We are so happy to be here! We had to stop at Braum's for dinner!

My left ankle is so swollen. :(

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S Tudor said...

I love your updates. Sounds like you have been very busy! I hope Oklahoma treats you well. I know you have family here. I'm up near the Tulsa area. Do you know where Tyler will be stationed yet?