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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Saying goodbye is hard to do...

A last minute lunch with Alison for her birthday. We are BOTH moving in the next week! So glad we got to know each other.

Trish is a special lady. She has been Iryna's Primary Teacher when we first adopted her and then years later when we moved back to this area. She knows how to read Iryna better than I do, I think! I have learned so much from her.

Anna has become good friends with Stephanie! They are quite similar, these two.

I will miss this good friend! We have fun times together.

Silas and Kaede

Me and Aiko

Silas and Kaede riding bikes

Aren't they cute?

Aiko brought me a bag FULL of Japanese treats and snacks. So thoughtful!

I am excited to make these tapioca pearls!

Some pampering pre-traveling. It's good for the "sole."

Our good friends, the Rieben family, have quite the petting zoo now!

I love Calvin's expression. He has such an excitement for life!

My little pumpkin holding a rabbit. They are SO soft.

Dinner for 15 kids! It's a fun time.

A picture of the Pierce and Rieben children.

I am going to miss Valerie! She is one-of-a-kind!

Richard and Tyler - good buddies!

Anna and Maren have become close throughout the past 2 years.

My kids LOVE their babysitter, Kris. They adore her, actually. 

My good friend, Kathy! I will miss this special girl.

We had a Memorial Day picnic for the ward at a park. Iryna is showing off her drumette that we grilled. Yum!

Handsome husband.

Kiaya, Jill, Kathy

Ercilia & me. Voy a extranarte, Ercilia!

I love this picture of Keith. He is relaxed and not trying to over-smile. Such a handsome boy.

A random shot of us talking about the weather (looking it up on my phone).

Love this wonderful lady, Joann! She is spunky and I love it.

Belated birthday lunch with my good friend, Stefanie! She is a hoot!

Our last bollywood movie this go-around in Ohio. Thanks for all the fun, Stefanie!

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