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Thursday, August 07, 2014


Things are still progressing in the Pierce household. Many of the rooms now reveal a floor and there are even some pictures up on the walls. Hooray!

I filled out FIVE school registrations and have two doctor appointments for my girls tomorrow. I located the local library and plan to make a visit next week. 

Anna has had two playdates (or whatever they are called for pre-teens) with a girl from church and they are becoming good friends. 

Keith is quoting the movie "Planes" and is hilarious to listen to. 

Iryna is, well, Iryna. She has this angry face lately. Probably the last year or so. If things don't go her way, she sticks out her chin and says, HMPH! She has also taken to stuttering the first word in the sentence she wants to say. 

Calvin is wanting to spend his time playing wii or combining his Star Wars and his Lego Batman Legos to create awesome spaceships. 

Silas usually gets all wound up in the late afternoon. You know, when I feel the most work out. Why is that?! 

Tyler is working out five days a week now. He is mainly swimming and lifting weights. We are a few hours from the coast and he is hoping to plan a trip to surf soon. I hope it is soon. He is so happy when he surfs. Yesterday he bought me flowers "just because" he loves me. I love this man. 

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Brittany H. said...

Hope you don't mind, but I found your blog and added it to my feed--happy to know someone who still keeps up with their blog these days! I'm with you on the kids' registration. (We moved here two months ago.) The doctor's office told me they were booked for an indefinite period of time...huh. So I just took whatever I had to the schools and thankfully it worked out. Also, glad to see you have some floors now. ;) I just took up my last batch of attic storage so now maybe I can hang a picture or two!