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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One month here

We have been in our new home for a month now. We are all unpacked and everything has a place, for the most part. School starts next week and we are ready for it!

Tyler is enjoying his job, although not the commute. Our evenings are precious now that they are so short in family time. 

I am trying to get all the dr appointments made and following up with referrals and scheduling therapies and getting medicine picked up. There is so much to coordinate and sometimes I spend hours on the phone, which is emotionally overwhelming. I forget how much there is to do when we move to a new place. I needed a change, so I got a haircut! The a/c going out on our van was a deciding factor. 

Anna is back to practicing the piano. She still hates it, but I have developed a new practice plan. She has a new hymn assigned to her each week. A week later I have her play me the hymn. If I can sing along with it, she gets assigned a new hymn. If not, she loses electronic privileges for the following week. It has been quite motivating to her! And in the end, I get what I want: for her to be proficient in playing the church hymns. 

Keith is obsessed with the movie Monsters vs Aliens now, which my good friend, Amie, let us borrow. 

Iryna went to Activity Day Camp this last week. She had a BLAST! I took her up to the church to carpool with other girls. One day, we showed up and there were some girls standing in a semicircle talking. Without a word from me, Iryna walked up and joined the circle. I was struck with how she knew how to act in this social situation. I was so proud of her!

Calvin is really into STAR WARS now. He loves pretending to be Anakin and swinging a pool noodle around like a light saber. Calvin caught a fever this past week and we had a five hour visit to the ER. He is doing better now. 

Silas had a fever last week, also. He has taken to playing with Legos now. He loves building things for his Mama. 

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