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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What's happenin' 'round here

 Anna has been welcomed by the YW here. Her Beehive leader and the YW President came by to visit with she and I. They even brought flowers!
My baby is growing up...

This is a picture of all the Russell babies and their spouses thus far. Mom and standing behind Coulter. He is an eligible bachelor and so fabulous. Cannot wait to meet his future spouse!

Iryna's most recent conquest. She loves to suck on hard, plastic toys or metal items like this screw. I cannot seem to keep all of them out of her way. 

We went in to get referrals for Iryna and Anna, plus get some immunizations done. It took T H R E E hours to get it all done. Next month I have four appointments for physicals. They only offer them at one set time each morning, so I have four scheduled next month. I wish they could do them all in the same day. Sheesh.

My beautiful daughter, Anna, loves to make us surprises and create new snacks. She is such a gem.

There was an Activity Days Sock Hop at the church put on by the YW. Anna was so excited to help organize it and asked me to make s'mores cookies to take. Iryna has a blast dancing it up with her Daddy and friends. Tyler said she did beautifully, despite having had her medicine wear off hours before the dance ended. Hooray for good moments!

Anna took a math placement test for 7th grade. It took 2 hours to complete, so we just had to go to Chick-Fil-A to get some ice cream. Yummy!

I made a new recipe - cabbage rolls! They were a big hit and I enjoyed learning to make something new.

Have you tried these? Oh man. They are gummy heaven!

My sweet husband installing blinds in a blinding kitchen! He is amazing.

So grateful to have a husband who teaches our children from the scriptures.#soblessed

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