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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Endocrinology for Iryna

Today we met with the endocrinologist about Iryna. To my knowledge, this is the first time she has met with an endo since we first adopted her. I am concerned because Iryna doesn't seem to be growing very much, ie staying in the same size of clothing for more than 2 years, and also because she is beginning to develop in what looks like puberty. The idea of Iryna beginning menstrual cycles is enough to scare me, although I realize it will happen eventually. We went in to discuss the idea of growth hormone and possibly deterring the onset of puberty. After meeting with the doctor, he said she is not eligible for either growth hormones or preventing puberty. She is 10 years old and she is on par with where she should be, puberty-wise. He indicated that she *should* begin her cycles in a couple of years. He also stated that Iryna should reach the height of about 4 foot 10 inches...can you believe that?! My jaw about hit the floor. I knew she wouldn't be tall - but I somehow assumed she would reach at LEAST 5 feet. Ha ha. I guess we will have some "being short" related jokes in our household in the near future. This also answers my questions for endocrinology for Keith, Calvin, and Silas who are all short in stature. The doctor did say that I should try to fatten Iryna and the boys up by giving them milkshakes every night. So, we are going to give that a go.


CrossRiver Media said...

My oldest daughter, Anya is the same way. She has started cycling and at her last appointment we discovered that she has indeed stopped growing at 4' 10 1/2". For YEARS we asked the doctors to help us with growth hormone and they kept insisting that she was within a normal range. Turns out she missed out qualifying for it by just a little over an inch. Thankfully, she has a pretty good self image and is pretty popular at school. The only thing we are starting to wonder about is driving. We'll have to look at some modification options. :)

Courtney said...

Alex right now is slated to hit 5'4" max and I guess because he's a boy that makes a big difference. We will be doing a growth hormone stimulation test in the next couple of months to see if his body is producing it. The results will determine if he gets the injections. His short stature never used to bother him, but now that he's started youth group at church he's getting tired of the "you can't be a sixth grader--you look like a third grader" remarks.

Rebecca said...

My girls are 9 and 11 and seem to simultaneously be hitting puberty! I can't believe I am bra shopping for them and having talks about body changes. It is crazy. I wish it had held off a few more ears.