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Friday, October 10, 2014

Photo time

As soon as I moved into the house and unpacked all the boxes, I had to get up decorations. It doesn't feel like a home without them!

I loved my last house in Ohio. It was beautiful and had a lot of character. I also had this notion that I needed to decorate my house in such a way that it appeared I didn't have children. Does that make sense? Everything clean and organized. No toys on the main floor. Pretty crazy and the upkeep was a constant battle. When I moved to our current home, I decided that I would go for FUNCTION and it has made my life easier, for sure. We have the laundry on the main floor - what a blessing! - instead of in the basement. I have one of those nifty laundry organizers with three sections to divide your laundry. Well - it's isn't hidden away - mainly because there's nowhere to put it! - but it's actually in the hallway. So you see it when you come into the house. With 7 people - laundry is happening on a daily basis. Also, 7 people = LOTS of shoes! So we put together a shoe rack which is ALSO in the hallway. Not something you would see on HDTV, but it works for me!

Lunch date with my new friend, Mary. She is super fun. 

Finally got a pedicure. Don't you just love the polka dots?

BIG WELCOME TO OLLIE, our new van. Tyler's truck, Clyde, went the way of all the earth so we thought a second van would look awesome in our driveway. 

I loved General Conference. We had a great time. Anna's friend, Keri, came over to make cookies. 

I made Borscht! Yum!

Keith was sick one night and threw up. He rarely get sick, so it is always a surprise when he does. He was most upset about missing school the following day, despite feeling just fine right after he threw up. I took him with me on a couple of errands and we went out for lunch together. The people who were to the restaurant were so kind to him. He always attracts kindness from other people.
Me and my boy. Keith loves to drink root beer.

These two are so similar, it's kind of crazy!

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Rebecca said...

Shoes and laundry are the bane of my existence! I finally got some cute (ThirtyOne) bags- the kind that are a big square, and each kid has their own bin for shoes. It works pretty well.... when they use their bins! And they are all stacked on a shelf just in the door. Yep, it gets pretty cluttered looking.